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John Carradine in The Sentinel, 1977.

The Nexus of Occult Horror, Religion & Spirituality

This site serves as a nexus of Occult Horror,  Religion and Spirituality. A place in cyberspace where we share our obsession for the diabolical and occult in horror films and topics related to psychology, art, and religion and the things it demonizes.

As time and conditions permit, we hope to share articles, offer interviews, and present ideas of interest related to the devilish films we find intriguing and the witchy flicks that we so enjoy. We are not limited to devilish films only, but literary works of related subject matter may be explored: analysis, symbolism, religious interpretations, reviews, inspirations, art, atmosphere, nightmares… Very little will be taboo, but we like to keep it tasteful. We are also open to original submissions.

We hope to serve as a means of offering amusement for occult horror movie fanatics as well as ideas and inspiration for souls who have a thirst for arcane knowledge. The keeper of this site has experience as a teacher of divinatory Tarot and as a spiritual counselor utilizing the Tarot, meditation, art and ritual work for self-transformation.


photo: H. B. G.


 H. B. G.

Spiritual Maverick, Cosmic Thrill-Seeker, Artistic Heretic

I Currently live in Osaka, Japan where I teach art and English at a prestigious private Catholic school. I am kept very busy as a father and teacher and writer and artist with mystic tendencies but will try to maintain a somewhat regular article submission on this site, sometimes light, sometimes deep.

p.s. On this site we often choose to use the Royal “We” because, as the man possessed by demons said to Jesus of Nazareth upon being asked his name in Mark 5:1-20, the demon possessed man replied: “My name is Legion, for we are many.”


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